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Where can I download the FIXD app?

The iOS app can be found in the App Store, and the Android app can be found in the Play Store.

Where can I buy a FIXD sensor?

We sell the FIXD sensor through these channels:

I can’t get FIXD to connect.

Try these steps:

  1. Plug in the FIXD Sensor
  2. Start the car
  3. Launch the app and it should connect to the sensor

If these steps don't work contact us at

I have never seen this port in my car; how do I know my car has one?

If you bought your car in the United States, and it is a 1996 model or newer, then your car is federally required to have one. Many other cars have the port, but contact us to make sure.

Where is this port in my car?

In the vast majority of cars, it is on the driver side under the dashboard, just above the pedals. If you have difficulty finding the port in your car, contact us at

Possible OBD-II port locations

My sensor is asking for a PIN.

When connecting to the sensor on directly through the Bluetooth menu on Android devices, You may be prompted to enter a numeric pin. Use 1234. Connecting through the Bluetooth menu is optional; the FIXD app will connect to the sensor automatically.

When I try to connect to FIXD via the Bluetooth menu it tells me it is incompatible.

On iOS devices, you will see this error when trying to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices from the system Bluetooth menu. You do not need to connect through this menu; the FIXD app will connect to the sensor automatically.

Can I leave FIXD in my car all the time?

You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

Can FIXD detect my TPMS, ABS, Airbag, or other non-Check Engine lights?

FIXD can only communicate with the car about the check engine light at the moment. We are working on expanding the capabilities to include service reminders, ABS, TPMS, etc. by licensing manufacturer-specific codes.

FIXD does not recognize my VIN; what do I do?

Our VIN decoder does not always recognize vehicles sold outside the USA. VINs are 17 characters long and do not include the characters I, O, or Q. If you are having this issue contact us at

Will the sensor interfere with other Bluetooth devices in my car?

No, your smartphone will allow you to pair and communicate with multiple Bluetooth receivers at one time.

Can FIXD work without Bluetooth enabled on my phone?

No, you need Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone for FIXD to connect to the sensor and your car.

My family has vehicles all over the country. Do I have to be near a vehicle to use FIXD?

As long as there is a person with the car running the FIXD App, you can see the status and details of that car through our Multi-Vehicle Control feature.

Why doesn’t FIXD have my vehicle’s maintenance timeline?

We currently support 99% of various years, makes, and models, but we are still working on adding support for a few vehicles. If your vehicle hasn’t been included, please let us know, and we will include it as soon as possible.

What about Windows Phone?

There currently is no plan for Windows Phone, but if you contact us, we will keep you updated.

Why don’t you ship internationally?

We don't guarantee support for vehicles outside the US, but contact us if you would like to beta test.

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