FIXD Sensor

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Plugs into your vehicle and connects to the FIXD app to help you understand your vehicle. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.



Currently on back-order. Units will arrive in 3-4 weeks.
Ships from Atlanta, GA
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  • 1 year limited warranty
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Engine light

Get notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.

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Wireless Syncing

Sync data wirelessly and automatically to your smartphone through bluetooth when in your vehicle*

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Maintenance Timeline

See the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you're due for service

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Mileage Detection

Our algorithm determines your mileage so we can alert you when you are approaching important maintenance

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Multi-Vehicle Control

Remotely monitor the health and status of other vehicles with a FIXD sensor

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Vehicle History

See a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log

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No Charging Required

Our sensor uses vehicle energy to stay charged and uses to a low-energy mode so it won't drain your battery

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Continuous Monitoring

FIXD will alert you if we have detected a problem with your vehicle.

*Requires that bluetooth be turned on while in your vehicle

The FIXD Sensor is compatible with all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996 which run off gasoline (including hybrids). We are currently not compatible with diesel vehicles.

Please refer to the graph below to identify the most common locations where the FIXD sensor plugs into.

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What's Included

FIXD Sensor


To get the most value out of FIXD, we recommend leaving the sensor plugged into your vehicle at all times. This will allow the app to communicate to the sensor while you are driving so it can alert you if a problem is detected.


The FIXD app will sync automatically and wirelessly to 200+ leading iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. You can also open the app to manually sync the app with the sensor.
Syncing range: 10 feet
Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection


The FIXD Sensor is made of a durable ABS plastic shell which can withstand being left in your vehicle.

Dimensions and Weight

The FIXD sensor is small and compact and will not interfere with your regular driving.
53 grams

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: -40° to 80° C

Operating Power

9-16 VDC, 40~45 mA

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